Monday, January 18, 2010

author stephenie meyers visits molly

author named stephenine meyer asked molly the magic wish giver to make her younger again, molly makes a strange object appear in front of stephanie meyer.
stephanie meyer picks up the strange object, she starts feeling funny and then she starts getting younger ,she all ready has regressed into a 26 year old and getting younger again, at the minute.
stephiane meyer tries get into her bmw car, but by the time, she started driving it, she got even younger, she regressed into a 16 year old teenager and finally a 10 year old little girl, the clothes that stephine meyer was wearing, while she was a full grown woman, dropped to dropped, she started crying for her mommy, molly gave her a 12 pack of ice tea,to drink and gave some crayons to use on a coloring you was given.

Monday, December 21, 2009

molly makes her boyfriend younger

molly had really hard day working at the doggie daycare place that you works at.
molly came home, smelling like a dog, and very dirty, molly went into her bed room, got out of her work clothes, she threw them in her parents dirty hamper, molly stood before her bed room mirror and took off her diamond ring, and let her hair down, molly also took off her friendship necklcese and took off her bra and under wear, molly was only a naked woman, for a short time, molly put on a bathrobe and grab a few bathroom towels, to take with her in the bathroom.
molly walked into her bathroom, closed the door, molly,turned the water in the bath tube on, pour bubble bath mix in the bath water, molly took off her bathrobe, she was naked again, but once molly got in the bath tube, she was covered bubbles ,lots of bubbles.
but anyway, molly's boyfriend, jeff walked into the bath room, not knowing she was in there, molly yelled at jeff and a ex-bar of soap at him, jeff ran out of the bath room,like a scarced chicken.
molly soaked enough in her bubble bath, molly got out of the naked ,again for a short time and wrapped a towel around her naked body, she picked her cell phone, which she had with her in the bathroom and called her doggie franics ,with her other doggie doggie named georgie, molly dryed herself off ,and went into her hidden concealed room, dropped her bath towel and put on her ex-bathrobe.
molly walked out of her bathroom, walked into her bed room, went behind her clothes divder and took off her bathrobe and put on her woman-youth -child nightgown.
the doggies named franics and georgie came into molly's parents house, saw jeff drinking 6 bottles of beck's beer , both doggies pulled out their doggie 45 automatic hand guns ,they made jeff put his bottle of beck's beer on the kitchen table.
these 2 well armed doggies brought jeff into molly's bed room, molly pulled out her youth shrink ray gun it at jeff, it took him back into a little boy again, the clothes, he was wearing dropped to the ground.
molly,then made a wish turn herself into a 10 year old again, molly drank some youth serum, turned instanly into a 10 year old little girl, her night dropped to ground, molly made herself even younger, she regreesed into baby girl again, molly crawled out of her nightgown, lizzie the dog came and molly's princess magic on the floor of her bed room, molly crawled inside her magic princess dress, molly slowly got older ,while wearing her magic princes dress, after a few minutes, molly was turned back into a 22 year old full grown fairy magic princes, molly was still wearing her hair down, lizzie the dog climbed on a doggie set ladder put molly's magic wish neckless around, and put her friendship neckless and her diamond ring.
molly had jeff spend the rest of the day, as a little boy.
the next morning, jeff woke up the floor of molly's bed room, he was turned back into a full grown man, who was wearing his prince outfit.
molly and jeff had franics the dog, drive them both to the beer store ,very safe 20 boxes of beck's beer in bottles, they both stayed up, all night drinking and both woke up the neck morning with nasty hang overs.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

dottie ,kerrie, charottle kim visit molly

dottie, kerrie, kim and charrottle asked to make them all again, molly had her new helper ellie and shannon help get ready to be made younger again, terri and megan and nicolle, and tracy, and rachel to molly, with the work, that she to do.
jim stops by and see a lab full of all ready made bottles of youth serum, that spent all night making, jim drank a of youth serum and started getting younger and younger, intill regressed and turned back into 10 year old boy, the clothes, that jim were wearing, were too big ,for him.
rachel used her clothes on jim, to help make the clothes, that was wearing fit him, as a little boy.
nicole had to work on a bunch of anti-youth serums, to turn jim back into a full grown 48 year old man.
kate, is some times at a doggie daycare place, drank another bottle of youth serum, thinking it was a bottle ice tea, its casused kate ,to starting getting younger,intill she regreesed into a 5 year old, little girl, who was crying for her mommie.
molly took ellie into the royal dressing room and help her put on her princess dress and molly put on her princess dress, also.
both molly and ellie walked out wearing their princess dreses and carrying their magic wanes and royal cell phones.

the royal doggie helper named lizzie pick up a very shrink youth ray which she build herself.
dottie, kerrie, charrottle and kim were waiting to made younger again.
lizzie the dog fired her royal shrink ray gun, at dottie and kerrie, and kim and charrottle, dottie was turned into a baby girl again, she crawled out of the clothes,that she was wearing and shannon and tracy wrapped dottie in a very large baby blanket.
dottie was given fast working baby formula would her slowly grow back into a 66 year full grown, dottie was in a very large baby bed by shannon.
a few hours later, shannon heard somebody walking around in the nursey ,that molly and terri had built, shannon found dottie turned back into a 66 year old woman, she was covered in lots of bed sheets, dottie to be naked ,once she developed from a baby to a full grown 66 year old, but after dottie developed into a full grown 66 year old, she must of covered her naked body,with lots of bed sheets, dottie picked her hidden shrink ray youth and pointed it at shannon, and then turned shannon into a 10 year old little girl again.
just as dottie was able to find some clothes to put on ,which she put on behind a clothes divder, dottie was trying to get away, princess ellie came in the room, and took out her magic wane, and made dottie a little girl, princess ellie turned shannon back into a full grown woman and turned jim , back into a 48 year old full grown man.

lizzie, the royal doggie turned kerrie into a 10 year old girl, then princess ellie, put a princess dress on kerrie, she was a 10 year old little girl, the princess dress ,which kerrie was wearing turned into a full grown 45 year old, full grown woman, princess, she given lots of magic powers by both princess ellie and princess molly, charrotle and kim were both turned into little girls and were sent to royal grade school.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Amanda Bynes gets younger again

Amanda Bynes and Jessica Biel, asked princess molly, to turn them into little girls again, princess molly gives both of royal cups of youth serum, to drink.
both Amanda Bynes and Jessica Biel drink their royal cups of youth serum and are both turned into little girls again, princess molly uses her royal magic adjuster to have they fancy dresse fit, while they are both little girls.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

molly's first day on the job

molly is siting at her desk ,at office, at her giant magic kingdom, where she has 100,000 pars of magic glass slippers in her royal shoe closet.
some named Nigella Lawson wants molly to make her younger again , and spend the day, as a 10 year old little girl, running around molly and terri's royal kindom, becasuse a evil villian named Padma Lakmi wants to steal her cooking tv show and turn her back into a newborn baby.
princess molly, by using her magic powers ,she had build a resturant for Nigella Lawson, where molly will teach on to cook magic youth cookies and bake lots of cakes and cook lots steaks and chicken wings.
Molly will have Racheal Ray oprearate her magic resturant, inill Nigella Lawson grows back into a full grown 49 year old woman.
terri, megan, nicolle, ellie, kerrie, charrottle and kim are also magic princess who all have lots of magic powers.
dottie is the molly's mother here in this magic kingdom.
molly 's parents are also, but molly turned them into childern ,they kept getting on her nerves to find a hansome prince charming to marry, but molly did find one named jeff, they are both planning get married here in this magic,royal kingdom.
jenny and laurie asked molly, if they could become magic princesses and magic wanes, molly said yes, but molly turned jenny and laurie into little girls, that to spend one day, as little girls wearing little princess fancys, intill they both learned how to use their magic wanes.

but there is bad news, angelina jolie, kate gosslin and octomom, along with martha stewart are on their way, in lex luther's stolen blackhawk heilcopter, which he stole from the u.s army.